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Timberwolves Lose in Vegas, Pekovic in a Holding Pattern, Turiaf Speaks

The Summer Wolves have a consolation game tonight against the Summer Bulls to finish off their Las Vegas experience.

Pekovic beating on Chris Paul
Pekovic beating on Chris Paul

Last night the Wolves were once again unable to solve the D-League Select team as they went out of the Las Vegas tournament in the round of 16. The Wolves, who had been shooting lights out all week, finally went cold and shot only 34% from the floor and 27% from three.

They will play a final game tonight at 9:30 CDT against the Summer Bulls.

Glen Taylor joined the commentators from NBA TV during the broadcast last night. He essentially said that the team is in negotiation with Nikola Pekovic, but that there is a bit of a holding pattern at the moment because there is no urgency for either side to get a deal done. He expressed confidence that it would get done eventually, and did say there would be a meeting in the next week to try to hammer out a deal.

Here is Jerry Z's take on the Pekovic situation in the Star Tribune.

He mentions that national team training for the Eurobasket tournament will be a deadline, and I think he's right. Pek will want to have a signed contract before those practices start, which will likely be early in August.

Ronny Turiaf had a conference call with the local media last night. He spoke about his bond with Fred Hoiberg, which started when they both went through similar heart surgeries in 2005.

Turiaf officially signed his 2 year, $3.2M deal with the Wolves.

Today's musical birthday:

Brian May, guitarist and songwriter for Queen turns 66 today

Enjoy your Friday.

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CORRECTION: had the SL schedule wrong. The Wolves opponent tonight is the Blazers, not the Bulls. So those of you who like to torture yourselves get to watch C.J. McCollum tonight. 9:30 CDT.