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Timberwolves Need Three Wings: How Do We Get There?

Time for a Tuesday thought experiment as we wade through free agency, my friends.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

At the moment, the Wolves have zero wing players on their roster that you would actually want playing if you were trying to, you know, win games. (Unless you count Alexey Shved, who I view more as a point guard). I realized that they somehow need to come up with two starters and a viable backup one way or another this summer, and I started to panic. Panic is something I do well.

What I usually don't do well is make lists, but I'm gonna give it a try here. The Wolves have roughly $7M in cap space if they renounce Andrei Kirilenko, and a few trade pieces of dubious value. With that, they need to find a way to get three of the following:

Free Agents*

Andrei Kirilenko (non-Bird Rights)
Chase Budinger (Bird Rights)

Kevin Martin
O.J. Mayo
J.J. Redick
Kyle Korver
Carlos Delfino
Marco Belinelli
Anthony Morrow
Dorell Wright
Matt Barnes
Francisco Garcia

*Intentionally left off a few guys who I don't see as viable like Monta Ellis and Andre Iguodala. Very possible I forgot some viable guys. Note in comments.

Trade targets who might be available*

Jared Dudley
Arron Afflalo
Brandon Rush
Marcus Thornton
Courtney Lee

Limited to guys I really think could get traded; other suggestions welcome.

So OK. With the Wolves assets, how do they acquire three of these guys? Who are the correct three?

It's up to you. Go.