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Timberwolves Reach Agreement with Shooting Guard Kevin Martin

Wolves are set to sign Kevin Martin for a reported 4 years, $28 million.

Kevin Martin Agrees to Terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves
Kevin Martin Agrees to Terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves

Well this is an exciting day.

Budinger back! Yay!

Redick and Dudley to the Clippers! Boo!

Wolves sign Kevin Martin!

I give this one a yay!

Four years, $28 million seems pretty steep for a 30 year old player who struggles defensively, but first, let's wait to see the details on the deal, and second, it's Timberwolves. Until we show otherwise, we are subject to the NBA stupid tax.

Here's what Martin does:

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Martin at one time in his career was the Platonic ideal of a wing scorer. He took and made tons of threes, and took and made tons of free throws. Though he is no longer quite the monster he once was, his basic M.O. remains the same.

His FTAs have gone down in recent years due in part to the rules changes, and last year I believe because of his role change, where he functioned much more as a catch and shoot player then he had in the past. I'm hopeful that the FTA's see a slight increase in the first year or two in a Wolves uniform, but we'll have to see.

On the other end of the floor, however, Kevin Martin is not a good player. His defense has been more then suspect throughout his career, which has kept him from true superstardom.

One of the consequences of this deal is that it essentially kills any hope of Andrei Kirilenko returning. The Wolves will have to renounce AK in order to have the cap space to complete this deal, and they simply cannot afford him at what he's worth on the market.

That's too bad, because I enjoyed Andrei's season here immensely, and think the team is weaker without him.

The Wolves absolutely still need to find a defensive presence on the wing. We've discussed Al-Farouq Aminu, who remains a possibility. There will probably be at least one trade this summer involving a point guard (likely Luke Ridnour), which may help fill that hole. We'll have to see.

But today is a happy day. Flip Saunders recognized the huge need for wing players, and came away with two who can help. The Wolves (pending Pekovic) have a starting lineup that looks pretty good:


I think that team wins games.

Good day to be a Wolves fan.