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Timberwolves: All's Quiet on the (Upper-Mid) Western Front

We've entered the dead zone.

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Ricky in China for Yao's Charity Game
Ricky in China for Yao's Charity Game

Well folks, we've reached that point. The NBA dead zone. Almost all player transactions are now done (Cough, Pekovic, Cough), summer league is over, and the league goes pretty quiet from now until training camp opens. It's a long couple of months.

We'll still be around at Canis though, like we always are. The threads will be open, TMiss will be cranky, CJ will be whatever it is he is, and we'll talk about whatever comes to mind.

Here's something:

Colangelo told USA TODAY Sports that Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love have expressed interest in playing.

"I don't solicit nor am I looking for early commitments or anything like that because time and circumstances change things," Colangelo said. "But those two have indicated they would very much like to play next summer. I don't know how many others at this point because I haven't inquired."

From a USA Today article about the Team USA mini-camp currently taking place with young players out in Vegas.

Kevin Love has already expressed his desire to play in the Basketball World Cup in Spain next summer. I expect that team to be a mix of 2012 veterans and new guys like Kyrie Irving and Paul George.

Anywho, so for the rest of the summer we'll be doing a few things to try to keep it a little lively (or at least as lively as our group of slugs gets):

  • I'll be doing a player preview like I did for Chris Johnson for every player on the roster. Hopefully a couple a week will get us through to training camp.
  • We'll have, I hope, more Lynx coverage over the 2nd half of their season and the playoffs, as they are legitimate contenders for the title once again.
  • We'll have more of mr. eggplant's Around the League pieces once he runs out of excuses and starts writing them again. School my ass.
  • We'll cover Eurobasket, especially the Wolves guys playing. That tournament starts September 4th.
  • And you know...more! (Seriously, anything you guys want to see)?
Canis Hoopus member Dave Chisholm's album is out! It's called Colossus. Check it out on itunes.Here's the tumblr page.

In honor of this accomplishment, and because I was grooving to it on Youtube, here's Dave:

Open thread be open.