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NBA Moratorium Ends; Wolves Moves Forthcoming

The actual business of signing and trading players can begin at midnight tonight.

Signing Kevin Martin should be one of the Wolves' First orders of business
Signing Kevin Martin should be one of the Wolves' First orders of business

Is it a bit ironic that the busiest time of the NBA off-season is the week when teams are not actually allowed to make transactions? The moratorium/negotiation week is always a massive flurry of activity and rumor, so that the actual signings are almost an afterthought.

That said, there are still questions looming for the Wolves: will they find another wing player? Will they move a point guard? Is Corey Brewer a real possibility, and if so, how much will they pay for him?

Here's what we know: In order to sign Kevin Martin to the contract they negotiated, the Wolves must first renounce Andrei Kirilenko and the MLE. They can then sign Martin with the resulting cap space. After that, they can sign their rookies, Chase Budinger, and (hopefully soon) Nikola Pekovic using the relevant exceptions.

In the meantime, the league just announced the salary cap for 2013-14:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>NBA&#39;s salary cap set at $58.679M, and luxury-tax line at $71.748M for &#39;13-&#39;14 season, league announces.</p>&mdash; Ken Berger (@KBergCBS) <a href="">July 10, 2013</a></blockquote>

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We'll try to keep track of things here, and in the meantime, this is a late night, NBA open for business thread.