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Free agents can sign their contracts. Corey Brewer might be signing one here

The FA signing moratorium ends, and the Wolves want to celebrate by bringing back Corey Brewer and his pet goat

Hannah Foslien

Odds and ends as the Wolves begin putting ink on paper:

  • 'Sota is still exploring sign-and-trade scenarios for Kevin Martin, but it sounds like he'll be a straight signing. Wolves have little interest in bringing back AK-47, and even less interest in generating extra assets for OKC.
  • Expect the Martin press conference to happen this week. Possibly tomorrow, although one would think there would be at least a day's notification first.
  • The Lakers are expected to use their amnesty clause on Metta World Peace, which will save them close to $30 million. Been told the Wolves aren't terribly interested, with the caveat that Rick Adelman hasn't said anything yet. If he wants Artest, the team will try to sign Artest. If he's indifferent or say no, then no.
  • The Wolves have also opened a channel with Corey Brewer, our 7th pick in the 07 draft. With only the room exception to use, 'Sota will have to move a contract (likely Ridnour) or engineer a sign and trade with Denver to make it happen. And they're trying to make it happen. That's likely to generate no small amount of controversy here on Hoopus.
  • Personally, I'd rather like to see Corey back. He's an active defender and a no-longer-entirely-terrible scorer anymore. Being slotted in between KMart and Love for say, 20-25 minutes a night would take a lot of that pressure off him anyway, and would allow Chase to be the instant offense guy to keep Adelman's system intact when the bench subs in.
  • The 4 year/$19 mil figure is kind of eek though....
  • Still no word on if the team has contacted Corey's goat yet.
  • Pek's camp is still silent, even with offer on the table. Which is fine. No need for either side to rush. Wolves still hold trump card of matching anything he gets from another team; Pek knows he can get a deal from the Wolves, so he loses nothing by waiting a little while more to see if anything else comes up. I get the feeling he's waiting for the Bynum thing to settle before making a decision.
  • Which could still be a while. Bynum has an offer from Cleveland, and is still scheduled to visit Dallas and Atlanta.
  • Also still no word on who Saunders' mystery hero player might be. Which really isn't of any consequence other than it lets me repost Stitch


Don't question Stitch, people.

And don't touch him either.

Oh, and BBC America has FINALLY started broadcasting the Graham Norton show, and season 13 is ridiculously amazing.

Seriously. Youtube the episode with Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe. Or Steve Carell. Or Will Smith. Graham's doing the best comedy chat bit out there right now.

Oh, this is a basketball blog..? What were we talking about? Wolves start summer league in 4 days. Orlando part of SL is already under way, and well....Oladipo sure looked Wade-ish. And the Magic are going to play him at point guard, so he can be awesome and they can still tank. Clever clever Orlando!!


Salary cap figures have been officially announced. $56.8mil cap, $71.7mil luxury tax threshold. The latter is the important figure for the Wolves. Taylor will gladly go over cap to keep Pek, but will burn his own house down before going over the luxury tax.

FWIW The Nyets are going to owe the whole luxury cap in straight luxury cap tax. Yep. Their roster salary so far over the threshold they'll owe over $70mil in pure tax penalties on top of that. Which is like what....a week's worth of income for Prokhorov? In any case, he is hellbent and then some on that 5 year championship plan he has....