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Timberwolves Weekend Notes: Flip on Mumhammad, Front Office Hire Coming?

Flip Saunders comments on Shabazz Muhammad, and also works on finding a new GM. Also, Walter White is back.

Jonathan Daniel

Hey all, thanks again for the warm welcomes a couple days ago. I'm looking forward to my future here.

At this point in the year, as mentioned  by Eric in our last Cup of Canis, there isn't a ton going on in the NBA right now. Even so, we shall press on.  Besides, a couple interesting things have happened both in Wolves land, and around the league.

As mentioned in the comments section on Friday, Flip Saunders did not have any problems speaking candidly on rookie Shabazz Muhammad's recent dismissal from the NBA rookie program. On Dan Barreiro's show on KFAN, he did not hold back. For those of you who missed it, here's the full quote:

"In our league, you have to be disciplined and being ‘disciplined' is being able to adhere to whatever rules are given and you gotta abide by the rules," Saunders said. "So that's been disappointing. But when I talk to him, he's either gonna learn the rules and learn to abide by things with the big boys or he's gonna really quick learn a geography class: where Des Moines is in the NBDL down in Iowa."

Personally, I love this. Sending him (and maybe Dieng, depending on whether they choose to play him or Turiaf behind Pek) to the D League would probably be his best chance to hone his skills early.

Shabazz was going to struggle to find minutes anyway, and this obviously isn't going to help him. Even if he managed to stay out of trouble during the rookie program, which he didn't, he still has Corey Brewer, Chase Budinger, and maybe even Derrick Williams (in some stints, anyway) in front of him at  small forward in the rotation. I didn't mind picking him, unlike most people here, but he'll have to shape up, on and off the court.

I love that Flip is challenging him, but in fairness, he did clarify his comments a bit on twitter this morning.

This is a story that could develop further, but that wouldn't take place until games are actually being played.

Moving on, Flip's search for a new GM has some new developments.

Newton currently serves as the VP of Basketball Operations for the Washington Wizards. He's also worked in the past as a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers and as the Assistant Director for USA Basketball. He also worked on the team that launched the NBDL.

A couple more nuggets regarding Wolves of years past:

  • Ryan Gomes signed a 1-year deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday. I've always been a fan of his. For the most part, he was great at playing within himself, and within the concept of an offense. I wouldn't have minded making him our 12th guy, but I doubt he would have rolled with that.
  • Anthony Tolliver signed with the Charlotte Bobcats yesterday, also on a 1-year deal. The Bobcats have pretty weak frontcourt, so he'll probably get some playing time. He's another guy I didn't mind, although he lost some points with his shooting woes in his final year in Minnesota.

Tonight, I will be watching the premiere of the final batch of new Breaking Bad episodes. I cannot wait. Anyone else watching tonight?

Fun fact: It's Anna "Skyler White" Gunn's birthday today.

With that, we'll send it off with a musical birthday, in a sense. Here's one of my favorite songs from season 3 of Breaking Bad, in celebration of its return.