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Nikola Pekovic Press Conference

Flip Saunders and Nikola Pekovic will have a presser today at 11:30 am to talk about Pek's new contract.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Morning all.  This is an open thread for the Nikola Pekovic presser this morning at 11:30.

You can watch on NBA TV, or

To whet your appetite, here is the last question and answer from Flip's conference call on Wednesday:

Do you feel good about the situation you have brought to Minnesota?

"I feel good about it that when I took this position and Glen and I sat down with a lot of people in the office and Coach Adelman we put needs that we had to fill and things we had to do. Balancing the roster, bringing in some scoring at the two and three spot , improving our ability to knock down threes, getting young players that can build up with some other players and of course signing Pek. So we were able to really address what we wanted to do. When you set out to what you want to do, you feel good. We have a lot of work to do, we still do. Now we've got to come to work on and develop with them."

Anyway, this is your Friday open thread.  Be open.  Talk about the presser and anything else on your mind.