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Timberwolves Schedule: Thoughts and Notes

As usual, the Wolves are travelling more than any other team in the league. The Western Conference is brutal, and the Wolves are heading to Mexico this year.


First of all, here is a link to the whole schedule.

Their opener is at home against Orlando on October 30.

As I noted in last night's thread, the toughest stretch is probably from 11/30-12/7, which is:

San Antonio (In Mexico City)

That's a pretty rough stretch.

They have 20 back to backs this year, and one five game road trip (which actually isn't that onerous: Utah, Portland, Phoenix, Sacramento, Denver).

I hadn't realized this, but it's the 13th straight year the Wolves open at home. Does anyone have a reason for this?

The only Western Conference teams the Wolves play 3 times instead of 4 are: Golden State, New Orleans, Phoenix, and San Antonio.

San Antonio will not visit Target Center this year; the one designated "home" game against the Spurs will be played in Mexico City. Don't know what this means for season ticket holders.

As usual, the Wolves will travel more than any other team:

(H/T to keylimekai).

The Wolves will appear five times on ESPN: 11/15 @Denver, 12/20 @Lakers, 2/7 @New Orleans, 2/19 vs. Indiana, 3/5 vs New York.

If they are battling for a playoff spot late, their last 10 games are:

@Golden State

The regular season ends on April 16.

It's a schedule. That's all I got. Anyone else?