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Timberwolves Rookie Shabazz Muhammad Sent Home from NBA Transition Program

Muhammad was sent home and will be fined for having a woman in his room, against program rules, according to USA Today.

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Mike Stobe

USA Today reports that Shabazz Muhammad was sent home from the NBA's annual rookie transition program for breaking the rule against having unauthorized guests in his room. Muhammad apparently brought a woman back to his room.

He will be fined in addition to his expulsion from the program.

On the one hand: come on Shabazz Muhammad. They just told you the rules. Follow 'em, will ya?

On the other hand: eh. I can't get too worked up about this. Stuff happens. He didn't commit a crime.

You might remember that Mario Chalmers, Darrell Arthur and Michael Beasley got sent home and fined for having women and weed in their rooms at the 2008 program. I doubt it has much correlation with future problems.

Not a great start for the Wolves' lottery pick, though.

Any thoughts?