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Rick Adelman confirmed to return to coach the Wolves

Adelman has officially stated he will coach the Wolves for the 2013-2014 season

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It's not much of a surprise, as Saunders (somewhat accidentally) said this the day he was hired, but Glen Taylor publicly confirmed for the first time that Rick Adelman will indeed return to coach the Wolves this season.

There never has been much doubt about Rick Adelman returning as Timberwolves coach, but it wasn’t for sure until he brought his coaching staff out to his home in Portland, Ore., last week and laid out the plans for this season.

Wolves owner Glen Taylor confirmed Adelman’s return Sunday. “Yes, he did [say he’s coming back],” Taylor said.

Granted, there wasn't much doubt about this, considering Adelman has been talking to Saunders on a regular basis and was even present in the draft room. But the official word is still welcome. Returning to the bench means not only do the Wolves get back their best coach in franchise history, but also Mary Kay's health must be in good condition again.

The Adelman's are a very private family (the lack of public address this summer is normal) so I'd expect this kind of 'will he, won't he?' thing to come up every offseason for as long as Adelman is here. Just the way it is. Hello Brett Favre.