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What Player Came to the Wolves with the Most Hype?

Another theme day around SB Nation NBA. Today we consider what player arrived in Minneapolis with the biggest expectations, and how did that turn out?

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In this theme article, I'm supposed to write about the player who arrived as a Timberwolf, either by draft, trade, or free agency, with the most hype.

But I'm punting. I'm leaving it open for you to talk about it in comments, because frankly, I don't know. I've been a fan for almost all of the franchise's history, but I don't have a strong answer. Instead, I'll mention a few guys and we'll have a poll, and hopefully a good discussion in the comments.

Christian Laettner: Drafted 3rd in the 1992 draft after an incredible college career at Duke that saw him win two national titles and a Player of the Year Award. Laettner was the highest draft pick to that point in team history, and had a huge national profile. On the other hand, he was also seen as the consolation prize in a draft that featured Shaq O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning as the top two picks.

Kevin Garnett: I remember Garnett more as a curiosity when he arrived in Minnesota as opposed to someone widely viewed as a franchise savoir. He was the first player in 20 years to go straight from high school to the NBA, and he was a bean pole. On the other hand, he was so young and such a physical marvel that it was easy to dream on him. And of course he became the best player in franchise history.

Stephon Marbury: Drafted 4th in 1996 and traded for by the Wolves on draft night, Marbury was seen as a key missing piece for a Wolves team that had taken Garnett the year before. He was a brash Brooklyn point guard by way of Georgia Tech, and had been covered nationally since he was a freshman in high school.

Tom Gugliotta: Was already established when he was traded by Golden State to the Wolves in 1995, for Donyell Marshall. However, he was established as a good NBA player, not a great one. Not sure he was among the most hyped when he arrived; it was also under the shadow of the Wolves giving up on Donyell Marshall.

Ricky Rubio: A Youtube legend before making his way to the NBA, Wolves fans waited for two years to get an up close look at the unicorn. His play in Europe and on the international stage was talked about, but not easily seen, and nobody quite knew what to expect.

Those seem like the best answers, but is there anyone else? J.R. Rider? Sam Cassell? Who do you think was the most anticipated, hyped player to arrive on the Wolves? Discuss below.