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Eurobasket Day Two Open Thread

All teams in action again today, games available on ESPN3.

Christof Koepsel

Day one of the Eurobasket tournament featured two things: actual, competitive basketball, and lots of upsets.

Great Britain over Israel?  Georgia over Turkey? Germany over France? What is going on over there?

As for players of interest to the Wolves, Ricky had a nice game especially in the early going in an easy win over Croatia.  He went for 7 points and 7 assists in 22 minutes.  Couple of steals too.  Looked like Ricky. He was a team leading +28.

Alexey Shved led the Russian team with 17 points (on 17 shots) and 5 assists in 27 minutes.  RBE looks to have had this right, and the Russians did not look good in losing to Italy.

Nemanja Bjelica contributed 13 points to Serbia's big win over Lithuania.

Every team is back in action today, with the schedule looking like this:

7:30 Central

Ukraine v. Israel
Montenegro v. Latvia
Croatia v. Georgia
Finland v. Sweden

10:30 Central

Bosnia-Herzegovina v. Serbia
Poland v. Czech Republic
Italy v. Turkey
Germany v. Belgium

2:00 Central

Great Britain v. France
Lithuania v. Macedonia
Slovenia v. Spain
Greece v. Russia

Enjoy the games, talk about them here if you like. Or talk about anything else that comes to mind.

By the way, all box scores and information available at