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More Eurobasket, Lynx Keep Winning, Wolves Hire a GM

Monday morning everyone. Rise and shine.


Preliminary round of Eurobasket concludes today with all teams in action.  The elimination rounds begin on Wednesday, following a day off on Tuesday.

7:30 CDT

Great Britain v. Ukraine
Latvia v. Macedonia
Georgia v. Spain
Greece v. Finland

10:45 CDT

Germany v. Israel
Lithuania v. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Croatia v. Czech Republic
Italy v. Sweden

2:00 CDT

Belgium v. France
Montenegro v. Serbia
Slovenia v. Poland
Turkey v. Russia

In other news:

  • The Minnesota Lynx beat Seattle on Saturday to lower their magic number for best record in the West to one game. They face Seattle on the road again tomorrow.
  • In other Lynx news, the team signed Linday Whalen to a three year contract extension.  Whalen is 31 and arguably having her best season.
  • The Wolves made the hiring of Milt Newton official; more to come on this from me this week.
  • Kevin Love turned 25 on Saturday.  Happy birthday.  I feel old.
  • Commenter jacob9 linked to this yesterday:

Today's musical birthday is Otis Redding, born in 1941.  He died in 1967.

The most open of threads.  Open up, you M-Fers.