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Timberwolves Power Rankings Update: Week 11

A drop in the rankings is the result of the Wolves continued struggle to stay competitive in close games.

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It has been about as up-and-down as you can get the past few weeks.

The Wolves haven't been able to mount a winning streak of any kind over the last two weeks, and that hurts. Still, the hurt isn't quite as bad when they don't hit a losing streak either. Though the "blowout win, close loss" streak broke yesterday (not in a good way), but it still managed to keep pace for 7 straight games.

As Budinger and Turiaf continue to get reacquainted with the rotation, it will be interesting to see how the team responds in the W-L department.

Take a look at the rankings, and let us know what you think.

Average Ranking: 14.57 (Last week: 12.25)

No. 13 (Last Week: 12): Jason Patt, SB Nation

The Wolves continue to be a bit of a mystery. Minnesota has the statistical profile of a team that should be well above .500, but they sit at a game under .500 thanks to their struggles in close affairs. Kevin Love voiced his frustrations after the latest close loss, and Love's situation is one to be monitored if the Wolves don't make a playoff push.

No. 15 (Last Week: 12): Marc Stein, ESPN

Eight of Minnesota's 18 wins have been by 20 points or more. Yet I'm guessing you've noticed that all the talk about these guys lately has focused on the Wolves' fatal 0-10 record in games decided by five points or fewer ... and how much responsibility Kevin Love should shoulder for that mark.

No. 14 (Last Week: 12): Marc Spears, Yahoo! Sports

After averaging 30 points and 13.7 rebounds in December, Kevin Love has averaged 22.2 points and 10.6 rebounds this month.

No. 18 (Last Week: 13): Matt Moore, CBS Sports

They have to win a close game just by accident at some point, right? Like the ball bounces off Nikola Pekovic's head and falls in the basket? Ricky Rubio tries to shoot and accidentally throws an oop, something?

No. 14 (Last Week: 13): USA Today Writers' Poll

They are 4-14 against teams with winning records.

No. 14 (Last Week: 12): Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated

Kevin Love, who called out teammates after a loss to the Suns, has been struggling. He's shot 13-of-44 (29.5 percent) over his last three games and grabbed only seven rebounds in Sunday's loss at San Antonio, tying his second-lowest total of the season. If Minnesota didn't have enough worries about retaining the potential 2015 free agent already, beefing with teammates should be enough to trigger the panic alarm.

No. N/A (Last Week: 13): David Aldridge,

**No comment. Wolves fell out of top 15.**

No. 14 (Last Week: 13): John Schuhmann,

Last week brought another loss by four points or less (in a game they led by six with less than two minutes to go), two more losses in attempts to get back over .500 and some inevitable tension in the locker room. So the Wolves are 0-10 and 0-9 in those situations respectively and haven't won three straight since their streak to start the season. Friday's visit to Toronto is the next referendum game.