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Timberwolves Notes: More Flip, Kings Coming to Town

Just some notes for your cup of Canis

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As reported yesterday, the Wolves have recalled Shabazz Muhammad from the D-League after a four game stint in which he played very well.  The Wolves now have 15 players in Minnesota and relatively healthy; it's the first time that's happened for a long, long time.

Tomorrow marks the highly anticipated return to Minnesota of Derrick Williams with the Sacramento Kings. The tension will be palpable, and the national media is already going nuts. It reminds me of Lebron's first visit to Cleveland after he signed with Miami...wait. No it doesn't.  Sorry, I got carried away there.

The Kings have actually won three in a row behind the strong shooting of Rudy Gay, but will be on the 2nd night of a road back to back tomorrow after playing in Indiana tonight. This will be the Wolves first game against the Kings this season, and then after a visit to Toronto, they will see the Jazz for the first time on Saturday.

Most of you know about this, but here is a link to vjl110's 2014 draft spreadsheets.  He has tremendous work in there, so we're pretty lucky to have access to that data.

Joel Embiid of Kansas apparently impressed the Twitterverse last night, as talk about him being the first pick in the draft has begun in earnest.

The second part of Britt Robson's long Flip Saunders interview has been published in the Minn Post. More word salad. He did say this about Kevin Love:

The other thing this is, I don't know if I have ever been around a guy, in 17 years [in the NBA] that has been as committed as he has been committed to the organization. What I mean by that is he does more in the community than probably anybody we have, whether it is coat drive or other things. When we were going out for a practice facility, he came with us to go out and talk to people. When the business people had sponsors in and they wanted somebody to come, if they call him up, he is usually the first guy who is going to go. Downstairs he signs 25 autographs before practice, balls and other things the community relations people use.

So he has been a guy who has been totally engaged within our team and our organization. That's why when I hear a lot about the window of opportunity; you are always concerned until you have somebody. You are always concerned because - did he feel slighted when he didn't get the maximum deal [in terms of the 5-year length] that he wanted? No question. And we've talked about it many times. And we talk a lot. Kevin and I go out to lunch a lot and we talk about the team, and everything. But I do believe he really does like it here. There is no question. And I do believe if we do the right things, he'll be here.

Today in History

1783: Congress ratifies U.S.-Britain peace treaty
1900: Puccini's Tosca premieres in Rome
1914: Assembly line for Model-T introduced by Henry Ford
1953: Marshal Tito elected president of Yugoslavia
1978: Sex Pistols final concert (Winterland, San Francisco)

Today's musical birthday is Dave Grohl, born in 1969.

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