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Timberwolves and NBA Notes: Wolves in Toronto, Rubio Struggles

Some notes for your cup of Canis

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Timberwolves are in Toronto tonight to face the resurgent Raptors, who had won 9 of 12 prior to their loss Wednesday in Boston. They are being led by Kyle Lowry, who is having a phenomenal year, as well as a much improved DeMar DeRozan, the persistently underrated Amir Johnson, and an improving Jonas Valanciuanas.  Things really turned around for them when the traded Rudy Gay and his immense usage to Sacramento; since then they have been getting strong contributions up and down the roster.

Jon Krawcynski of the AP wrote an article worth reading about Ricky Rubio. He quotes Rubio on his struggles, including Ricky saying he isn't having fun right now.

Steve McPherson eloquently wonders what the problem is over at A Wolf Among Wolves.

I would suggest that this is the low point, but it's Timberwolves. It can get worse.

Meanwhile, did you notice the Rockets-Thunder game last night?  Ahead at halftime 73(!)-59 thanks to a barrage of 3s, the Rockets proceeded to score 19 points in the entire 2nd half of their loss.  19!

Today in History

1524: Giovanni Verrazano begins voyage looking for route to China
1861: Flush toilent patented by Thomas Crapper
1904: Chekov's The Cherry Orchard premiers
1945: Warsaw liberated by Russian troops

Today's musical birthday is Steve Earle, born in 1955

Have a great morning everybody.  Open up.