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Timberwolves First Half, Alexey Shved Gets Better

Some notes for your cup of Canis

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Morning everyone.

Wolves are in Salt Lake to take on the Jazz again tonight, looking for a second win in a row against the Jazz.

Tonight will mark the halfway point of the Wolves season, their 41st game. They will finish the first half below .500. Again. Still, they will be on pace for about 40 wins, their best total in forever, so there are some positives.

They have a pythagorian record of 26-14, and are in the top five in 6 of the 8 four factors (offense and defense). They are in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive rating, and are 6th in SRS.

It's really quite amazing that they are 19-21. It's like a bizarre experiment in how disappointing a team can be. We've seen nothing like this before. So enjoy it. I guess. We'll have more on the first half of the season tomorrow, once it's actually over.

Meanwhile, a little piece in the Star Tribune about the salvaging of Alexey Shved's season.

In other news, Sherlock returned to PBS on Sunday. A little disappointing I thought, but worth watching.

With one more game to go, I would like to congratulate myself for watching exactly zero minutes of football this season, college and pro.

I would also like to self-flagellate for watching almost every minute of Tottenham's season. Still, amazingly, tied 4th on points, 5th on goal difference. Champions League remains possible, shocking after some of the performances in the first half of the season.

Today in history

1189: Richard the Lionhearted begins 3rd Crusade
1793: Louis XVI is executed at the guillotine.
1903: Wizard of Oz premiers in New York
1949: Harry Truman inagurated

Today's musical birthday is tenor Placido Domingo born in 1941