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Wolves defeat Jazz 112-97

In a game not as close as the final score indicates, the Wolves cruised to a second straight win over the Jazz

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Hi all. I lost my internet access at halftime, and just got it back.  Hence: no 2nd half thread (my apologies), and not much of a recap since I actually only saw half the game.

Though probably I only needed to see half, as the Wolves once again built a big lead and were never threatened. It wasn't as out of hand as Saturday was, but I don't think the Jazz ever got within 10 after halftime.

I'll just do a few quick notes:

  • Really thought Rubio looked sharp again tonight at both ends. Forced turnovers and really ran some good offense, as the 13 total assists testify to.
  • The Jazz bigs can't handle Pek. That much seems clear.
  • 31 assists on 41 made baskets.  Love with 8 to compliment Rubio. Really thought the Wolves were moving well without the ball in the first half.
  • Is that how Chase Budinger's shot has always looked? He seems to have a big hitch that I don't recall.
  • The Wolves finish the first half at 20-21.
  • Corey Brewer had a good night with 19 points on 7-11 from the field.
  • 8 total turnovers for the game, plus 22-24 from the line.  Wolves!
  • Alexey Shved got his nose hammered in the first half (no call), and left the floor bleeding pretty heavily. Don't think he returned.
I'll leave it there since I missed most of it.  I hear Ricky Rubio played with a toddler during a timeout. I'd love it if someone could come up with a gif in comments.