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Wolves 88, Pelicans 77 post game thread

The good guys win the battle of the shorthanded roster

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

With the Hornets name returning to Charlotte next year, I think I can officially retire the name Pelicanettes.

So. No Anthony Davis v Kevin Love. Sad times. Which Love took full advantage of. Tim will have the game wrap later tonight but here's a few bullets points and stuff.

  • This game was close that it probably should have been. Yes, we were missing Pek. But they were missing Davis and Jrue Holiday
  • Our good buddy Steamer still has hands of stone
  • Tonight, Adelman rolled with Love as the backup center with Cunningham and Prince Luc manning the 4 spot. Will be interesting to see if that remains the trend. There's good evidence that Love is actually at his best as a 5. But relying on a lineup of 6'8" guys in a game where the goal is 10 feet off the ground might not be the most sustainable thing
  • Goran Dragic deserves to be an all star this year
  • So does Dirk
  • So does Kyle Lowry
  • The Wolves remain actively interested in both Lowry and Andre Miller. But it's hard to see what kind of deal could actually, realistically be made for either one
  • The Westbrook-less Thunder annihilated the full strength Heat in Miami earlier tonight. Durant scored 33 (on over 50% shooting) along with 7 rebounds and 5 assists. He has scored at least 30 in all but two games since Westbrook went down, including games of 41, 46, two games of 48, and 54. He's shot 54% (41% from three, 88% from the line) during that span and....well, he absolutely has a LeBron level of play in him when he chooses to exercise it. I imagine there is a debate to be had (and will be had at some point) about whether Westbrook and/or Scott Brooks is holding him back. Or if he's been holding himself back.
  • (to be fair though, I also believe LeBron has even another level he can get to still)
Full game wrap to come later tonight.