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Knee-jerk Notes #4: Ricky Rubio | This is the Sunday Thread.

Obviously, feel free to leave some feedback- positive or negative. Together, we'll try to learn Flip Saunders' playbook as much as we can. Ricky Rubio is the subject of Knee-jerk Notes #3.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing with what may or not become a series here at CH, these are observations from the Wolves preseason game against the Philadelphia 76ers.I am just hoping to put more content onto this website. These are merely notes. Some may be crazy, others logical, so just stick with me. Or tell me I'm loco- either one is appropriate.

Ricky Rubio's game has been overanalyzed enough. I'll try to be swift and concise.

Much has been made in regards to Rubio's..

1. Shooting (finishing at the rim).

Here, Rubio makes a jump shot.

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Above, Corey Brewer pulls up after he realizes the Wolves do not have the advantage in transition. He meanders toward the free throw line before passing to Thaddeus Young, who confidently swings the ball to Rubio near the left-elbow. Rubio buries the jumper.

2. Defense. "Him getting a lot of steals doesn't necessarily mean Rubio is a good defender." We've all heard it. Somebody reading this has probably even said that statement word-for-word.

(I included the 'finishing at the rim' portion of the first segment below. Sorry for the confusion)

Here's an example of a play where Rubio gambles, trying to steal an inbound pass, but he, ultimately, leaves his teammates hanging out to dry. This is who he is, so this happens sometimes.

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Here's another example, only this isn't really Rubio gambling. He simply takes advantage how poor play by the Sixers. Still, Rubio makes a nice play and gets to opportunity to make free throws at the other end.

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Below, this is an example of good defense. Alexey Shved telegraphs his pass to the near-wing, Rubio is waiting to make a play on the ball as soon as that happens and is able to finish the play with a layup.

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Watch this sequence.

Watch it.

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In transition, Rubio tries to steal the ball from three different Sixers. The result: A made basket, and presumably lots of frustration. I find this sequence to be unique because..

At this point in the game, Rubio has been on the floor for nearly seven-and-a-half minutes. This is a player who finished 15th among the NBA in total miles traveled, according to SportVU. Rubio is someone who exerts tons of energy doing, well, things like this while he's in the game. Some of it makes you scratch your head, other times it's awesome.

Anyway, Rubio is visibly gassed at this point in the 3rd quarter, after the basket it appears he looks at Flip Saunders, almost as if he's expecting a timeout to be called. Flip looks back. No timeout is called.

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Rubio eventually calls for the ball. This is what happened on the following play.

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No, he hasn't evolved into the point guard the most hopeful Wolves fans expect him to become. These are notes. I've chosen to leave some of the negative aspects of Rubio's game out of the notes, but I didn't completely avoid them. Here are more..

  • Rubio missed a few shots (he finished three-of-six from the field).
  • The shots were not taken at the most-opportune time.

You'll have to take my word for it.

These posts are becoming less and less words each time. I don't have the energy to make more GIFs at the moment. I'm going to get some sleep now.

More notes will be posted later.