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Timberwolves: Kevin Martin Back, Team Off to Iowa.

Kevin Martin is back at practice and might play Friday night. Steve Nash is hurt again, and a few notes from around the NBA.

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On a scale of 0-to-0-point-two, how excited do you think the Wolves are to head to Cedar Rapids for a preseason game? They will face the Bucks tomorrow in Iowa; apparently if you pay, they will come. To Iowa.

Sorry this is late this morning; some kid stuff plus minor computer issues set me back a couple of hours.

Things seem to be looking up for Kevin Martin:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Kevin Martin participated fully in love practice today, Flip said they&#39;ll see how feels tomorrow and if he&#39;s fine, could play Friday</p>&mdash; Jerry Zgoda (@JerryZgoda) <a href="">October 15, 2014</a></blockquote>

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So that's good. Would like to get a look at him in preseason.

What else is going on?

Well, the Royals are in the World Series, so there's that.

Nothing particularly notable in yesterday's preseason games. Kevin Love suffered what appears to be a minor neck injury in Cleveland's win over the Pacers.

Aaron Gordon had an impressive performance for the Magic against pretty inferior competition (Flamengo--a Brazilian club).

Steve Nash is once again hurt, this time from a back problem suffered apparently carrying bags. That doesn't bode well. This looks like it will be his last season, and it's hard to see how he will be able to take the floor consistently at this point.

There appears to be some vague talk about shortening the season, something many have advocated in the past. Several players have brought it up in response to the NBA scheduling a 44 minute preseason game. I seriously doubt it's going to get any traction, despite the fact that I think the product would improve if the schedule were 66 games over the same time frame. Money talks and bullshit walks, and if the last album had sold...

That's all I got. No time for Today in History. Feel free to chime in below on any big historical happenings.

Today's musical birthday is Bob Mould, born in 1960.

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