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Wolves Win Big, Beat Thunder in Tulsa 112-94

On Sunday, the Minnesota Timberwolves won their preseason game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. I didn't watch the game. I couldn't watch the game. The game was not on television. I listened to a solid portion of the game on the radio.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After losing to the Milwaukee Bucks in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Friday, the Minnesota Timberwolves were in Tulsa taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder. There were 16,901 eyewitnesses on hand at BOK Center. I wish I could have been there, or that the game was on TV.

This was the Thunder's second game in the previous four days.

The Wolves trotted out JJ Barea, Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer, Thaddeus Young and Ronnie Turiaf to start the game. Russell Westbrook, Andre Roberson, Anthony Morrow, Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams started for the Thunder.

Ricky Rubio, Andrew Wiggins, Mo Williams, Anthony Bennett and Nikola Pekovic was the group who relieved the starters. This bench unit scored 13 of the Wolves' 23 points during the first frame - they led the Thunder after one, 23-19.

After scoring four during the 1st, Martin scored six during period number two and had 10 points at halftime. He did this on three of eight shooting, and failed to connect on two attempts from behind the three point arc. It was his first action during the preseason, Martin has been nursing a groin injury suffered during training camp. He was also four-of-four from the free throw line.

Martin will be good to go when the season begins, I think.

By the end of the 1st half, Rubio had gone to the charity stripe six times. He scored six of eight first-half points from the foul line, and shot one-of-four from the field during the first two frames.

Zach LaVine played 24 seconds during the third quarter, which is odd. I'm not certain why he left the game and did not return. I think I saw something on the Twitterverse claiming LaVine was injured. I am under the impression it is not serious. I'm writing a post for tomorrow morning. There will be more information at that time.

Gorgui Dieng and Robbie Hummel played all 12 minutes of the fourth quarter. Hummel contributed an efficient nine points and five rebounds, shooting four-of-six from the field during that time. Dieng added four points on two-of-three shooting in addition to four rebounds.

Mo Williams led the Wolves in scoring during the final frame, scoring 11 points with the help of two three pointers and three free throws. He also had two assist. Williams didn't miss a shot during the 4th quarter. He finished the game with 19 points.

The Wolves defeated the Thunder, 112-94. Here is a link to the box score.

Below, at some point during the game I began writing down things said by two gentleman calling Wolves-Thunder over on KKBI 106.1 FM, based in Oklahoma City. I don't recall their names, or which broadcaster is responsible for the statements. I didn't get to watch the game. What else was I supposed to do.

These are unedited notes. There is no storyline, or any way they tie together. They're just notes.

"We'll let you know the official word (on Russell Westbrook)"

"Timberwolves are on video-game mode." - Ricky Rubio was shooting free throws. He missed the first.

"We've not seen Zach LaVine."

"They do have some veterans that are on the floor now, for them."

"1:35 showing in the third."

"78-62 Timberwolves, a lot of breakdowns for the Thunder tonight, in every phase."

"That was clearly an offensive foul on the play, as he just threw him out of the way." Pekovic layup between 1:00 - 2:00 left in 3rd.

"A moving screen that is not called."

"Preseason for the Refs. Shaun White and Dan Anderson have not had a good night."

4th Quarter

"The aerial-acrobat that is Perry Jones."

"Mo snakes around a Hummel screen does his itty-bitty dribbling exhibition....."(Some play happened and I couldn't keep up. I also can't rewind.)

9:45 All Wolves, up by 18 now.

Nobody boxed him out. Robbie Hummel, at 6'9'', has 8 points.

"Russell Westbrook, that wrist issue, he's perfectly fine. He could continue but there's no point."

"Glenn Robinson III is in for the 1st time. Son of the BIG DOG."

"Mo Williams has rarely taken a shot he doesn't like."

"Telfair utilizes his quickness, still evident, at (age) 31."

"Rubio's left-angle three is up, if that one goes in I'm leavin'. It doesn't."

"Wolves with a rare turnover, only 8 tonight. In a preseason game that's unheard of."

"The Thunder on a scoring blitz. From 21 back, scoring 8 in a row and they've cut it to a bakers dozen."

"99-85 is the count."

"Ricky Rubio workin' with (recites stats) in his backpocket."

"Robbie Hummel has given Flip Saunders quality minutes with 11 points and 6 rebounds."

"Kendrick Perkins has been vocal all night tryin' to get the most he can out of this crew."

"Back come the Wolves, Flip Saunders out teaching his young squad....It's 108-88 Minnesota."

"Flip Saunders returns to the bench. He's also their President of Basketball Operations."

"Heslip sits-down Barea for the night."
On the next possession, Barea is still on the floor. Not sure who sat down when Heslip came in.

"Barea runs across the timeline, he remains in the game." 
I still don't know who sat down.

112-92 Timberwolves.

"Flip Saunders continues to instruct his squad, animated over on the sideline."

Wolves win 112-94.

After the game.

"They (the Wolves) had some firepower come off the bench tonight."

"It's a deep team, I just don't know how well they'll be able to play together. If you look at their roster; they have some stars, but they don't have any proven winners."

"I'm tryin' to think of their starting lineup."

"Would they start Young and Brewer with Pekovic"

"Kevin Martin or Andrew Wiggins"

"Anthony Bennett, Dieng, Turiaf, Barea, Wiggins, Zach LaVine would all come off the bench."

"Don't forget about Chase Budinger."

"This is a team that could but in the second unit and make a run."

"Speed, athleticism and a really deep shooting range. I thought his game could probably translate into the NBA pretty well. With the skillset he has, he's one of the guys who could make a big impact in 2 or 3 years."

"Some people thought he was the 3rd best guard on that team."

"They're bankin' on Wiggins and LaVine for their future."

"I mean, I get it." Guy says to the other guy, "You like the Timberwolves."

"What do you think about Flip Saunders hiring himself?"

"He was the second-choice to Jorger."

"He was the last one to take 'em to the playoffs."