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Training Camp Day 3: Barea and Budinger Playing Well, GRIII Sits, Bennett is Told Not to Shoot Threes

Jerry Zgoda's column and video report from training camp had good information in it. These are the musings.

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Hello, everyone. I don't have very much time before I must go to work, so these musings will be brief. My apologies.

Jerry Zgoda's segment Wolves Daily, yesterday, revealed Flip Saunders believes J.J. Barea and Chase Budinger are playing well at training camp. In Mankato, participating in scrimmages similar to what was seen during Dunks After Dark, the Minnesota Timberwolves are split into different teams. Barea and Budinger are on the same team, which is winning a lot of games, according to Saunders- per Zgoda.


Glenn Robinson III and Nikola Pekovic did not practice Thursday morning. Pekovich will have many of these types off this season. He rested for precautionary reasons after practicing hard three times in two days. Robinson III is sidelined due to what Zgoda described as a 'tweaked ankle.' I'm not sure if either player will practice today, but I imagine we'll find out.

During said video, we are told Saunders sat with Anthony Bennett about shot-discipline and instructed him not to shoot threes. It's normal for a power forward to develop his game from this inside out. One of Saunders coaching disciples is former Wolves coach Randy Wittman, currently with the Washington Wizards, who is remembered notoriously remembered as the guy who told Kevin Love not to shoot three pointers.

Opinion: I hadn't the slightest idea Bennett could stretch the floor and hit three pointers. I'm not counting on him to do that this season.

Ok, well, I'm running behind now. If I don't wrap this up, I'm going to be late for work. I know content is scheduled to be published later.

Here's a video of Flip Saunders coaching defense (it's old).

Have a good Friday, everyone.