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CH Program: Episode 4

Zach and I talked about Herb Daily's recent fan post on last night's show. Then we got into some preseason talk and shared various stories and thoughts from the past week.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday evening Zach and I covered a wide range of Wolves topics. The entire conversation, however, was centered around a recent fan post by Herb Daily: Smile When You Say That: The Yearly Cycle of Timberwolves Fandom

If you haven't read this post, I'd recommend doing so before listening to this weeks episode; it will make far more sense.

We also looked over some of the previous preseason teams the Wolves trotted out (B-EASY!) and shared various stories, like LaVine and GR3 performing an Usher duet together during a team karaoke event, from the past week.

This is the link to download the show off iTunes / This is an RSS feed to listen to the show.

I'll add the livestream video later today once it's up, for those who want to watch it.

We appreciate all the downloads as they help support the cause. As always, thanks for listening and hope you enjoy!