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Help! I Need FanDuel Fantasy Advice

So I never win. At least I'm not playing with my own money. But I clearly have no idea what I'm doing.

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So FanDuel has been kicking my ass. I've been entering these $2 high volume participant games every night, and losing every night. Well, twice I managed to get in the money--$5 return on my $2. But usually, zero. I figure I could use some help. I'd prefer to get it from smart people, but you guys will have to do...

OK. So how it works is you pick a 9 player team from the games going on that night (2 from each position, but only 1 center). There is a salary cap, which means you have to compromise. Player values evolve as the season moves forward. Scoring is as follows:

points=1 pt. 
reb=1.2 pts
asst=1.5 pts
steal=2 pts
blk=2 pts
TO= -1 pt

OK. So for example, here is the team I have tentatively picked for tonight (keep in mind there are only 5 games to choose players from):

PG Jeff Teague $7,700
PG Donald Sloan $5,700
SG Kyle Korver  $5,100
SG Jamal Crawford $6,000
SF Shawn Marion $3,900
SF LeBron James $10,400
PF Derrick Favors $7,100
PF Blake Griffin $9,100
C Anderson Verejao $4,900

I have only $100 left over under the cap.

I guess I should ask a specific question. So here it is: Anthony Davis is playing, and he's usually the best FanDuel guy any night he's playing. But...he's also the most expensive guy, and there are a lot of good power forwards. My choice is to go with what I have above: Griffin vs. the Spurs and Favors vs. the Pacers, or I can go with Davis vs. the Cavs and Tristan Thompson vs. the Pelicans (he's cheap).

I already have 3 Cavs in my lineup, which is probably a bad idea, and Thompson would be a 4th. So I don't like that. How should I approach these games? Basically you need to hit all your bargains in order to really do well, and I haven't figured out how to do that.


Even though this is a sponsored post with affiliate links, all of the opinions in this post are my own. And as an FYI, FanDuel gave me some cash to play its daily fantasy games.