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Lay Down Your Weary Tune: A Musical Distraction.

Howdy folks, as you know things here in Timberwolves land have not been good recently due largely to an injury on one of Ricky Rubio's ankles. If the creators of the universe ever get together to rebuild a new human prototype I hope they will take a closer look at ankles- those things terrify me. In the meantime we are left with imperfect (yet amazing) bodies and another basketball season in which Timberwolves fans are left scratching our heads as we search for something, anything, to feel good about.

The young players have given us some glimmers of hope, and of course Ricky did sign the extension, but after two embarrassing losses in a row we are in desperate need of something to take our minds off the current state of our favorite basketball team. It should come as no surprise to regular readers of this site that I am going to suggest music. Anyway here are a few songs to get us started. If you are more inclined towards basketball talk feel free to click on a different article, otherwise, plug in your $10 ear buds and Lay Down Your Weary Tune in the comment section.

Now, after an especially untimely injury to the team's best player and chorus director, it would be pretty easy to allow myself to fall into a deep state of despair. This sitiation is made worse, for me at least, because it has coincided with an early weather front that has thrust the middle-west into a a pre-mature state of full blown winterness. I'm sure there are things I could do to combat this but frankly I can't because, I'm Cold:

additionally, I feel inclined to hold my head up high and stay positive as I Ricky himself has commanded me to do:

so Stay Positive I will:

Wow, that really helps me avoid falling into some of my more Self Destructive Zones:

where next thing you know I would just be Waitin' Around to Die:

at which point I might as well give up and root for the team in Portland, Oregon.

But that's enough of this negativity folks, from here on out I'll will try to Keep on the Sunny Side:

Now, I'm not advocating Blind Love:

because sports fandom and be an intricate thing and there is nothing wrong with a little critical analysis but even without Ricky we know that this team is capable of playing well. We saw a glimpse during the Houston game- a game that was weirdly played near the Palaces of Montezuma.

Things can, and will, get better than they were this past weekend but it's not going to be pretty. Wiggins, Lavine, Bennett and Muhammad, all give us something to watch for (yeah, development) but we are going to need the vets to step up if this team is going to be more than a curiosity to anyone outside of the hardcore NBA  addicted fans.

Still, let's not assume that all is lost. The team can get better. Sure, we all know that past performance is the best predictor of future performance but, not always. Here is an example from the music world: Flea was in the Red Hot Chili Peppers before he was in Antimasque so you see, things sometimes go from just ok to awesome.

Have a good week Wolves fans. We'll get through this somehow: