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It's On Us Campaign to Stop Sexual Assault

So you probably noticed the change in the site's logo. Here's what it's about.

You probably noticed the change in the site's logo to reflect the "It's on Us" campaign. This is part a campaign to reduce sexual assault particularly on college campuses.

Here is the PSA:

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Here is a link to the Vox Media explanation. And here's a similar piece from SBN.

The point is this: One in five women are sexually assaulted in college. That needs to change. SBN has a lot of members in the college age demographic. We should do more to highlight this issue.

So this is something we're doing.

Here's the other point: if you are a male, which most reading this probably are, pay attention to how you behave. If you are a college student, there will probably be a time when you have the opportunity to diffuse a situation. To make sure someone gets home safely. To stop someone under the influence from being taken advantage of. Take that opportunity. Be part of the solution.