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Enter Today's Exclusive SBN FanDuel Tournament

SBN is promoting a limited entry tournament at FanDuel that should be fun for bragging rights. Unless you are me, in which case it's good for embarrassment only.

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So SBN is running an exclusive FanDuel tournament today. The cost is $2 to enter, and limited to 110 entries. The top 24 finishers get a payout.

I have to say, even though I've been regularly losing at this thing, it's pretty fun putting together a roster every night. Not as much fun watching the guys you think are bargains fail to produce, but then, we're Wolves fans and used to that sort of thing.

So come test your NBA GM skills against SB Nation's writers and editors and other community members by playing in our exclusive FanDuel tournament this Wednesday!

Click here to join Wednesday's tournament.

If you are not already a member of FanDuel click here and you'll get a 100% first time matching deposit bonus ($200 max) to exclusive to SB Nation readers.


Opinions expressed are my own, but FanDuel gave me some money to play their games.