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Spurs Blow Out Wolves 121-92

The Wolves were predictably blown out by the Spurs tonight at Target Center.

The Wolves were blown out tonight by the Spurs at Target Center as expected. They hung in there for a bit and were only down a respectable 11 at halftime, but in the third quarter the shots stopped falling and the Spurs got open three after open three.

Key Dae will have a complete recap later, and I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this one. It was Tony Parker in the first half and wide open shots from everywhere in the 2nd for the Spurs.

Mo Williams sort of kept the Wolves in it early, but it was clear it wasn't going to last. Anthony Bennett led the team in scoring with 20, his career high.

The Spurs went 13-21 from three, and they were wide open looks. The Wolves could do nothing against their ball movement and offense.

Let's go to the recipe, which is courtesy of Ailuridae:

Black Bean and Sausage Soup.

Start with 16 to 20 ounce of raw sausage (italian, chorizo or fresh garlic). Chop it into medallions about 1/4 inch wide. Cook in medium heat being careful not to burn. Pull the cooked sausage and leave the rendered fat. Saute a very large onion (or two small ones) four carrots and four ribs of celery until the onion becomes translucent and the celery softens. Transfer the vegetable mixture to a stock pot. Add one pound of picked over dried black beans and 12 -16 cups of water. Add two bay leaves and two tablespoons ground oregano; bring to a boil. Once boiling drop the heat, cover the pot and maintain a simmer for about an hour. Sample the beans every now and then after 40 mins until they are near the texture you want. Add twoish tablespoons of chili powder (or an even mix of cumin, cayenne, ground oregano and fresh jalapeno), a couple of chipotle peppers from a can, some of the juice from the can and the juice of two limes. Reintroduce the sasuage to allow it to heat back through.

That looks very tasty.

Key will have everything later.