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Timberwolves Lose to Kings 113-101: DeMarcus Cousins Dominates

The Wolves competed against the Kings tonight, but ultimately fell short.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Wolves lost to the Sacramento Kings at Target Center tonight 113-99.

It wasn't nearly as bad as last night against the Spurs, as the Wolves competed all night but ultimately were not able to overcome their talent disadvantage against a pretty good Kings team.

The Wolves played a zone defense throughout the first half and into the second, a strategy that forced a number of Kings turnovers and missed shots. It eventually stopped working when Ben McLemore got hot from beyond the arc, and they had to abandon it.

DeMarcus Cousins was simply too much for the Wolves inside, as his strength advantage over Gorgui Dieng was obvious both in post ups and on the glass. Cousins finished with 31 and 18.

The interesting individual story for the Wolves was obviously Andrew Wiggins, who finished with a career high 29 points on a career high 22 shot attempts (9-22). He got to the line for 10 free throw attempts, and also had five rebounds and four steals on the night. It was clear he was going to look for his shot all night, and that led to his output, though there were several ugly forced shots in there as well.

It was good to see he is capable of being that assertive in getting his offense, to be honest.

Zach will have a full recap later.