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Rubio Update, Wolves Stuff, Content Dump

Metal Monday: Stuff on the Wolves, Rubio, and a content dump from people who want you to read their writing. Don't be rude.

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Good morning everyone and happy Monday. Or maybe it's an unhappy Monday. I'm not sure. I'll just continue writing this post now.

The Minnesota Timberwolves don't play again until Wednesday, which is when the Milwaukee Bucks come to town. At that time, Thaddeus Young is expected to be back with the team and in the starting lineup.

A meeting with the Bucks means a homecoming for Nate Wolters, a Minnesota native. In his second NBA season Wolters is averaging 17 minutes per game. The Bucks guard is scoring three points and shelling out one assist per game in those appearances.

There's a Q and A with Wolters up at the Star Tribune. Here's a link if you want to read it.

We're still awaiting for Ricky Rubio to be reevaluated, so, when he will return remains uncertain. Four days ago, Andy Greder published this column at the Pioneer Press, and it's a good update. Rubio explains he is hopefully going to return around Christmas, and that he's pushing hard to get back onto the court.

Rubio says he's also playing as himself in NBA2K.

"Trying to play video games, even though I don't like it," Rubio said. "Playing (NBA) 2K. I'm playing with myself and scoring 40 points, and I feel like I'm playing again."

No word on Nikola Pekovic, that I know of at least, and the same goes for Kevin Martin. Ideally, the Wolves will have Rubio, Martin, Young and Pekovic back in the lineup come January. There are 18 games between now and January 1st. The Wolves are currently 3-9.

Opponents the Wolves are scheduled to face between now and January 1st hold a combined record of 111-118, a deceptive mark. During this stretch they'll face the Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Lakers twice, the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, again, and also the Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers.

There are some - theoretically - easy wins, but also some challenging opponents for the Wolves over the next month-and-change.


Content dump.

Back at a website called Hickory-High, I used to write something called the Rants References and Revelations. This feature was, essentially, just me sharing internet content from around the web. It's similar to what I do in morning posts on this website, but not really. It's a little different. Anyway.

I was in a rush to get this post done this morning, so I asked Twitter if there was anything they've written recently that needs some extra plugs. Here's what I found.

Russian Bee sent me a link to this tweet, which is embedded below.

What would you do?

Secondly, James Gleason shared this piece, "For Vince Carter It Was About Closure. For The Fans It Was About Forgiving," where he wrote about Vince Carter's return to the Air Canada Center in Toronto. In case you missed it...

Carter was applauded by Raptors fans for the first time since leaving the franchise nearly 10 years ago. Some would say he didn't leave the team on very good terms, but time heals everything.

So, read Gleason's post.

Sticking with Carter, Kevin Young of Grizzly Bear Blues insists the 16 year veteran will come out of a recent shooting slump. Carter - who plays with the Memphis Grizzlies now, if you didn't know - is off to a slow start, but Young is certain he'll be fine. Stat Heads, this is a post with data and visualizations you may find enjoyable.

Read Young's, Vince Carter should be fine: Stat Diving into the Shooting Numbers, by click this link.

Lastly, Nicholas Neuteufel wrote some 'code about basketball' and I told him it counted. So, here's his NBA player-season clustering tool (now with Carolina Blue!) for you to tinker around with.Click this link to go there.

UPDATE: 12:10 PM (CST) 
Chris Barnewall tweets in link, but is told it's too late. However, it's never too late. Here's This Week in the Southeast: 11/16-11/23, published at Hawks Hoop.

It is, truly, never, ever too late to plug. Carry on.

Metal Monday

Here's your Metal Monday tune for today. Below, there is an alternative, for those who don't appreciate Metal Monday.

The Ghost Inside - "The Great Unknown."


This is six years old, which is REALLY OLD for someone who is 24. It's a rendition of Outkast's "Hey Ya," by Obadiah Parker. He's from Phoenix, Arizona. Not sure if he's really well known at this point or not. Deserves some credit, though. This song is niceeee.