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Kevin Martin Fined, Around the League Musings

Kevin Martin was fined for doing what? The CH Program is on at 6:00 PM today. I embedded random (still NBA related) tweets in this post. Headshots.

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Hello, everyone.

Wolves stuff.

Yesterday, the NBA issued Kevin Martin a $15,000 fine as punishment for performing an obscene gesture during the 4th quarter last week's game against the Chicago Bulls. This obscene gesture is known as the Big Balls Dance. For those unfamiliar, this taunt was popularized by Sam Cassell but we've also seen Marco BelinelliJameer NelsonCaron ButlerAndray BlatcheEddie HouseGoran Dragic and probably a few others pull it off.

Grantland wrote this column in defense of the big ball dance.

"I bet $15,000 I know what the first question you're going to ask is," Martin told reporters Wednesday.

Flip Saunders claims the Wolves have "lost a championship by that." He states when Cassell "did that (gesture) he had an avulsion fracture in his hip." Saunders says, from that perspective, he's always been against that sort of thing. This information is from Jerry Zgoda's column published at the Star Tribune.

I don't mind the gesture, but I don't mind the NBA imposing a fine for it either. I get it, but if the league is only issuing a proverbial slap on the wrist, players will still do the big ball dance. As long as it isn't outlawed or accompanied with a lifetime ban, I think we'll see a good amount of big ball dances in the future.



NBA Stuff

It's good to have basketball back.

Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov on his former head coach, Jason Kidd.

Minnesota Native, Dave Joerger has a potty mouth.

What's....uh....going on here...?


I'll use this time to toss out notice we are doing the CH Program today. It'll air at 6:00 PM. The Canis Hoopus Twitter account will tweet out a link so you can listen. Follow the CH Program on Twitter if you're into that.

John and I will, well, talk about the Wolves as well as what's happening around the league. Eric might call and say what's up. So, yea. We sincerely appreciate those who listen to and support the CH Program. It's been a fun experience.