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FanDuel Notes for Thunder at Timberwolves

Some fantasy thoughts about the Wolves-Thunder tilt.

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So another exclusive SBN FanDuel tournament for tonight. Here's the link to the tournament info. $5 to enter, top 20 spots get paid, $100 to the winner, 110 maximum entries.

A personal update: I still more or less suck at this. Still, I've managed to hang in there and not lose all the money FanDuel gave me to play...the occasional small payout has kept me alive for now. I suspect that will end soon.

Some thoughts on possible players to use from our game tonight:

  • Mo Williams is doubtful, which almost certainly means out, which means a lot of minutes again for Zach LaVine. Missed shots don't hurt you in FanDuel, so a cheap LaVine is not a terrible play.
  • I wouldn't pay for Durant at this point. His minutes are limited, and they just played last night, so I doubt Brooks is going to run him out there for more than 30.
  • Westbrook is interesting, but again, given that they are on the 2nd night of a back to back, he'll probably be limited minutes wise unless the game is surprisingly close. I wouldn't count on that.
  • Shabazz Muhammad is a risky play. He's cheap, and obviously sometimes produces, but with the way Flip moves minutes around, it's a risk.
  • Gorgui Dieng has gotten expensive enough to make him a poor play in my view, especially given that the Wolves don't have a point guard who can get him shots.
  • I tried Wiggins a couple of times (unfortunately not on Wednesday), but his lack of off the ball numbers makes him not very useful. If that 10 rebounds thing persists, I may revisit.
That's all I got. Good luck.

Oh, right, disclaimer:

Opinions are mine. FanDuel gave me some cash to try out their games.