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Timberwolves in Washington to Face Wizards

The Wolves are in Washington DC to face the Washington Wizards.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Timberwolves are in Washington DC to meet the Washington Wizards, who currently sit at 17-6, atop the Southwest Division and 2nd overall in the Eastern Conference.

Yet another team that was likewise among the NBA dregs along with the Timberwolves just a couple of years ago that has pulled itself out of the cellar...

The Wizards, coached by genius Randy Wittman, have been particularly strong defensively, mostly because they just do not allow opponents to get to the rim. They allow the 3rd fewest shots within 3 feet in the league as they really pack the paint with big and nimble players like Marcin Gortat, and Nene.

Offensively, much like the Wolves they don't take many threes, although the return of Bradley Beal from injury has given them a real threat from beyond the arc, but unlike the Wolves, they get good shots inside the arc, and are 10th in the league in efg%.

John Wall will be a rough match up for the Wolves as his speed and passing ability make him a huge threat offensively, asking Zach LaVine to contain him is going to be tough. Gortat has been scoring the ball well inside, and Paul Pierce has added some scoring punch and veteran savvy to the wing.

Overall, the Wizards have emerged as a strong contender for home court advantage in the playoffs in the East, and are going to be a tough match up for our beat up Wolves.


Good luck to Ronny Turiaf who is scheduled to undergo hip surgery today.

The Warriors are now 21-2. WTF?

Ty Corbin takes over as interim coach of the Kings. Strange.

Ok, that's all I got this morning. More later on Anthony Bennett, and then game coverage.

Today in history

1497: Vasco de Gama becomes first European to sail Africa's East Coast
1653: Oliver Cromwell appointed Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland
1689: British Bill of Rights passes Parliament, limiting powers of monarch and requiring elections
1773: Boston Sons of Liberty throw tea shipments into Boston Harbor to protest tax
1880: Transvaal region declares itself Republic of South Africa
1893: Dvorak's New World Symphony premieres
1905: Show business paper "Variety" first published
1944: Battle of the Bulge begins in Belgium

Today's musical birthday is Ludwig van Beethoven, born in 1770 (d. 1827).

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Have a great morning.