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Timberwolves Trade Corey Brewer to Rockets in Exchange for Troy Daniels

The Wolves have agreed to trade Corey Brewer and Ronny Turiaf to the Rockets in exchange for 2nd year guard Troy Daniels.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it got done.

Of course it got done in the two hours I was away from my computer, but that's how these things go.

The Wolves have traded Corey Brewer to the Rockets in exchange for Troy Daniels. It appears that Ronny Turiaf is also headed to Houston, or at least his contract is, as he's out for the year and the Rockets will likely try to move him elsewhere in order to stay within the 15 player roster limit without cutting him.

This is interesting in that it sounded like the Wolves would not be getting a player back for Brewer, but a 2nd round draft pick. Instead they wind up with Daniels, who has shuttled between the D-League and Houston over the last couple of seasons. He's a 6'4" shooting guard, emphasis on the shooting, as all he does is take threes. 68 of his 78 field goal attempts over 22 games in the NBA have been threes, and he took an astounding 600 threes in 48 D-league games.

The Wolves will also receive 2 2nd round picks apparently, including the Kings 2015 2nd rounder.

Daniels is signed for next season at $947,000.

The Rockets are absorbing Brewer's salary using the Jeremy Lin trade exception, it appears, and then presumably they are calling Turiaf for Daniels a separate trade, though I'm still trying to figure out the exact mechanics.  I believe the Wolves will wind up with another trade exception in the amount of Brewer's salary out of this deal, to go along with the one they received in the Kevin Love trade.

Quick reaction: I like this. I think I like it better than trading for a future 2nd round pick. Daniels is an extreme player, and those kinds of guys are fun. All he does is shoot threes. He's like a more extreme Anthony Morrow, if you can imagine such a thing.

Hopefully he won't have to try out for Flip's 3 license, since it's his entire purpose on the basketball court.

The Wolves certainly need three point shooting, so we'll see if Daniels can carve out a role. At any rate, he's signed to the minimum through next season, and he's what you want out of your end of bench guys: someone with a specific NBA level skill.

Still, it leaves the Wolves even more bereft of experience, as Mo Williams and Thad Young are now the only guys with more than two years experience currently in the rotation.

Meanwhile, good luck to Corey Brewer, who as we talked about yesterday, is a fantastic personality and a guy who always tried to do his best. I hope the Rockets turns out to be a good situation for him; it really should be. He can settle into a more appropriate role there, and hopefully contribute to a contender.

This also saves the Wolves quite a bit of money, something that seems to make Glen Taylor happy. Moving the remainder of Brewer and Turiaf's salaries in exchange for Daniels will probably save Taylor roughly $5 million this season. It also gets the Wolves down to 15 roster players, with a decision coming on Jeff Adrien soon.

The immediate result might be more minutes for Shabazz Muhammad and/or Chase Budinger; My guess is that Muhammad sees his minutes bump up a little, though as we've discussed, his current role might be what he's best suited for. Still, this is obviously the time to experiment.

More to come later. What do you think?