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Timberwolves at Celtics Game Thread

With both teams trading away veteran starters in the last 24 hours, the Wolves visit the Celtics in a rebuilidng match.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Wolves at Celtics
6:30 pm CST
FS North

Both the Wolves and Celtics have traded away veteran starters in the last 24 hours, cementing their status as "re-building" franchises. Whatever that means.

What it certainly means is that these are two pretty lousy teams. The Celtics traded away their star point guard, Rajon Rondo, yesterday to the Dallas Mavericks for some picks and parts, while the Wolves moved Corey Brewer to Houston this afternoon for three point specialist Troy Daniels, picks, and cash. And a TPE. None of which can play point guard.

It's hard to know what to expect from the Celtics in the absence of Rondo. They have been a very fast paced team this season, but whether that will continue, who knows? I also don't know who will play point guard, as rookie Marcus Smart, who has had injury problems early in his career, is listed as questionable for tonight's game.

Jeff Green is the leading scorer, averaging nearly 20 per, and behind him are shooting bigs Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk.

I really have no sense of what the Cs are going to look like tonight, as I don't believe the guys they acquired for Rondo--Jameer Nelson, Brandon Wright, and Jae Crowder, will be available.

For the Wolves, as of this writing, I haven't heard a definite starting lineup. Either Shabazz Muhammad will move into a starting role, or they will go with a Williams-LaVine starting back court. No Brewer makes the team even younger and less experienced, but does open up some more playing time. Not that time has been lacking for the young guys; just the opposite really. They are probably playing more than they should.

Still, this is, as usual, a re-building year for the Wolves, so the happiness we get will come from hoped for improvement from young players.

Expected lineups


Avery Bradley
Evan Turner
Jeff Green
Jared Sullinger
Tyler Zeller


Zach LaVine
Andrew Wiggins
Shabazz Muhammad
Thaddeus Young
Gorgui Dieng

Here's a link to our blogging buddies at CelticsBlog. Be excellent.

No no and no.

Enjoy the game. Chat here. Go Wolves.

EDIT: Lineups posted above are correct. Muhammad getting the start in place of Brewer.