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Timberwolves Can't Keep Up with Warriors, Lose 110-97

This game was never really in doubt as the talented Warriors eased past the Wolves who were on the 2nd night of a back to back.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

First thing: We need a name for a group of turnovers.

A pride of turnovers? A school of turnovers? A murder of turnovers?

We need a name because the Wolves committed a flock (?) of turnovers last night; 24 of them to be precise, many of which led to transition points for the Warriors. 17 steals for the Warriors, and a total of 36 points off Wolves TOs told the story tonight, at least statistically.

The reality is that it could have happened in any number of ways; the Warriors are just far more talented than the Wolves, and coming off two straight losses, with the pups on the 2nd night of a road back to back, there was never much doubt about this one.

Because it's Sunday, and because I'm theoretically on vacation, I'm just going to throw a few notes at you, bullet point style:

  • After an early dunk and post up, Andrew Wiggins drew a couple of early fouls which really took him out of the game. He finished with only 6 FGAs in 24 minutes, a bit disappointing after his much more aggressive outings the last couple of games. Still got 8 FTAs (make em, please), and didn't settle for the long two, but was not a factor.
  • Thad Young's line probably overstates his game, but he was likely the best Wolf out there. Which is faint praise indeed. Made his shots, anyway.
  • Speaking of which, I fell asleep and missed the Troy Daniels Explosion that I've been pining for. Dammit. 4-4 on 3s in the 4th quarter to make the score look somewhat respectable.
  • Young and Zach LaVine, I thought, were most egregious turnover-machines tonight--LaVine with 5, including several terrible ones, and Young with 4, mostly on ill-considered driving attempts.
  • LaVine did collect 14 assists, a handful of which were impressive.
  • Shabazz is going through either a) a rough stretch with his offense, or b) some inevitable regression over the last few games. 4-11 for 9 points last night.
That's all this morning. Got things to do with the family.