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Timberwolves Lose to Sixers, Reach New Low

The 76ers won their first game of the season against our beloved puppies at Target Center tonight. It was truly horrible.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

My love-hate relationship with the Wolves is teetering dangerously toward just hate. I can feel a rant coming on in the next few days.

Meanwhile...John will have a recap later. If he can stomach it.

I'll say this: that was a despicable display. Really by both teams, but the Wolves managed the crunch time awfulness that the Sixers couldn't match.

Nothing was good about this. The shooting was horrible, turnovers abounded, nobody looked like they had any idea what to do out there. I hate to comment on effort from watching a game on TV, but the amount of not caring seemed pretty palpable.

In the meantime, the Sixers would have been happy to lose, apparently, but the Wolves wouldn't let them. 17 straight losses; Target Center is good for what ails you.

A decade of terrible basketball. A half full arena to watch a team with nothing discernible going for it. A POBO/coach who doesn't distinguish himself at either job, and an owner who didn't want him to coach but thought himself powerless to stop it.

At what point does Glen Taylor look in the mirror and realize that he's the problem? That the way he runs this thing is not conducive to winning? That hiring old friends and making nobody accountable isn't a strategy? That the modern NBA requires something more than the good old boys?

This is a real low point for the franchise.

Something has to change.