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FanDuel Promo Code: Exclusive SBN Friday Tournament

Join the SBN only FanDuel tournament for Friday's NBA games.

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Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

FanDuel, which continues to kick my ass, (well, it isn't their fault, I guess), is running another limited SBN only tournament for tonight's NBA games.

You know the drill: sign up here (and get a sign up bonus!), pick your players from tonight's games, and settle back to watch.

This particular game costs $5 to enter, is limited to 110 entrants, and the top 20 finishers get paid.

I will probably enter this one since it's our writer/reader tournament, but I am the absolute worst at this. I continue to put together what I think are smart rosters, and then something inevitably goes wrong. Beating me brings no glory. It's like Madison Dan beating his daughters in basketball.

Tonight, as much as James Harden could probably go for as many as he wants, I would probably stay away from Rockets. This could be 30+ in the third quarter. However, with Mo Williams having a back problem, Zach LaVine might be a decent play.

Don't take my advice. Seriously. Don't.


Opinions my own. FanDuel did give me some money to try out their games.