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All-Star Break Cup of Canis

Despite a strong performance against Denver Wednesday night, the Wolves limp into the All-Star Break out of the playoff picture.


The Wolves go into the All-Star break on at least a little of a high note, getting a win against Denver after a rough, injury plagued stretch.

The Denver game was representative of many of the Wolves wins this season: terrific first quarter, lots of points, and ultimately an easy, 20+ point win. Despite missing Kevin Martin and Nikola Pekovic, the Wolves had no problems putting points on the board, as Kevin Love led the way, and Ricky Rubio got off to a hot start, making his first four shots. J.J. Barea took over from there, making all eight of his field goal attempts to finish with 18 points.

However, their six losses in the last eight games have put the final nail in the coffin in terms of playoff hopes for this season; the conference has gotten away from them.  Golden State currently sits 8th at 31-22.  They simply have too much ground to make up in too short a time.

It will be interesting to see how much energy they have coming out of the break; after facing Indiana on Wednesday at home, they embark on a five game road trip out west.  There are winnable games on the trip.  The question will be how much will the Wolves actually invest in winning.

Meanwhile, Kevin Love will be a busy man in New Orleans this week. He will look to win his second 3-Point shooting contest (sponsored by someone or other) on Saturday night, and he will be a starter for the Western Conference in the game on Sunday.

Today in History

1803: Marbury vs. Madison decided by Supreme Court forms basis for judicial review of congressional acts.
1859: Oregon admitted as 33rd state. And thus begins the long slide to Blazers Edge :). 
1895: Oscar Wilde's "Importance of Being Ernest" opens in London.
1912: Arizona admitted as 48th state
1920: League of Women Voters formed
1929: St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago

Today's Musical Birthday is Russian pianist Nikolaj Orloff, born in 1892 (d. 1964). Here is a recording of a Tchaikovsky concerto.

This is a Valentine's Day thread.  Hugs.