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NBA Trade Deadline Day: When Very Little Happens

Open thread for today's NBA trade deadline. What's going on?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors traded for Laker point guard Steve Blake yesterday, giving up Marshon Brooks and Kent Bazemore for the privilege.  This might be about as big a deal as we see this week.

Or perhaps you prefer Brooklyn acquiring Marcus Thornton in exchange for Jason Terry.

Today is the NBA trade deadline, and I would be surprised if anything particularly big happens. But we can have fun with rumors, anyway.

In truth, it's hard to even find rumors to be excited about this morning; the attempts to generate buzz seem half-hearted at best.

A comment on the Peter Vecsey tweets that Kevin Love informed the Wolves he's planning to opt out and sign elsewhere: first of all, we all know he's opting out.  That is not in question.  The "sign elsewhere" is the point.  I seriously doubt that Love has been as clear as Vecsey writes about his future intentions.

I have absolutely no inside information, but while if I had to guess right now, my assumption would be that he will leave, I also think the Wolves have very little choice but to hang on to him and hope to convince him to re-sign when the time comes. They aren't getting a good deal in the next six hours.

In other words, I don't think there is news here.

I think the Wolves would like to move J.J. Barea, but it isn't so easy without taking back an even worse contract (see the Tay Prince rumors, a deal which, as I understand it, was actually nixed more by the Wolves then the Grizz, as they didn't want to take on that Prince deal).

I would be surprised if the Wolves do anything today. If they do, it isn't going to be a needle mover.  I wouldn't expect to see any big needle movers anywhere in the league today, but let's keep our eye out.

Who knows where Gary Neal might wind up?

Talk amongst yourselves.