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Wolves Fall to Toronto, Love Sets Record

Some Wolves notes for your morning.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Another disappointing loss keeps the Wolves at .500.  I missed this one too, so I had to read Tim's account to find out what happened. Sounds pretty depressing.

Kevin Love set the franchise record for most threes made in a season tonight, surpassing the unforgettable Rashad McCants who had held the record with 142.  Love is now up to 144 on the season after making four last night.

Speaking of Love...don't look at the +/- numbers for others when he is off the floor.  It's too sad.  The difference he makes is immense; they are essentially not functional with him on the bench.  He's the entire franchise at this point.  More on this later in the week.

Here's a question: How sustainable is Shabazz Muhammad's 5.5 FTA/36?  It's one of the few things he does well, but how likely is that to continue in a bigger sample? Will teams stop fouling him until he actually makes more baskets?

Andy G over at Punch Drunk Wolves had an interesting piece a couple of days ago about the tension between Rick Adelman and Ricky Rubio. Definitely worth reading. Whatever the reasons for the 4th quarter benchings in favor of J.J., they have hurt the team I believe.

The Wolves host Milwaukee on Tuesday--Giannis!  The Bucks are in pretty good shape to have the most ping pong balls in the lottery this year.

Today in History

214 BC: Romans sink Carthaginian fleet brining first Punic War to end. 
1629: King Charles dissolves Parliament (for 11 years)
1681: William Penn receives charter for Pennsylvania from Charles II
1876: First telephone call (Bell to Watson)
1969: James Earl Ray pleads guilty to killing of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today's musical birthday is Edie Brickell, born on this day in 1966

Have a great Monday.