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Suns Losing: Danger Time; Kobe is Hurt, Complaining

A few notes for your morning cup.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Morning bullet points

  • Phoenix lost at home last night to the Cleveland Cavaliers and now appear to be fading, having fallen out of a playoff spot. This could wind up the ultimate disaster if the Wolves pass the Suns, only to finish 9th in the West and have to give them their draft pick. The Suns head East for a road trip next.
  • Meanwhile, has anyone noticed that the Sixers have managed to lose 18 in a row?  Including home losses to the Bucks, Jazz, and Kings?  That's impressive.
  • So Kobe Bryant won't play again this season.  Next season the Lakers will be paying him something around $23 million when he's 36 and coming off a lost year.  Plus, complaining. Who else is going to be on that team?
  • The Bobcats won in Washington last night and are suddenly looking decent. The Wolves beat them at Target Center in January but the Cats are suddenly looking at a chance to get to the sixth seed (and avoid Miami/Indiana).
  • A comment on J.J. Barea: As frustrating as he can be, he's also +7.9/100 possessions when on the floor with Kevin Love. While that isn't quite as good as the 9.9/100 of Rubio and Love, it does show how playing with Love changes things for everyone on the roster.
Today in History

1677: Massachusetts purchases Maine for $6,000. 
1781: William Herschel discovers what turns out to be Uranus
1852: "Uncle Sam" character debuts in comic strip
1868: Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial begins
1986: Microsoft IPO

Today's musical birthday is Mike Stoller, a song writer who collaborated on such hits as "Hound Dog," "Yakety Yak," "Jailhouse Rock," and


Have a great Thursday.