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Timberwolves Power Rankings Update: Week 22

Coming closer to the end of the regular season, the Wolves' position in the power rankings goes nearly unchanged this week.

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Only a couple more weeks left of power rankings updates, which also indicates how close we are to the NBA regular season's finish line.

Wait, the season's almost over? What?

Anyway, let's see how the Wolves stacked up this week:

Average Ranking: 17.57 (Last week: 17.71)

No. 16 (Last Week: 15): Jason Patt, SB Nation

The Wolves are just .500 despite having the seventh-best average point differential in the West.

No. 19 (Last Week: 19): Marc Stein, ESPN

The Wolves have a club-record 12 wins this season by 20 points or more ... after just nine over the previous four seasons. But maybe this team really is that rare outfit whose propensity for routs is misleading. How meaningful is it, after all, to ring up 143 points against this group of Lakers?

No. 16 (Last Week: 16): Marc Spears, Yahoo! Sports

The T'wolves, losers of four of their past six, have a tough schedule ahead with the Clippers, Memphis and a visit to Miami.

No. 19 (Last Week: 20): Matt Moore, CBS Sports

Sometimes even good hypotheses turn out wrong.

No. 16 (Last Week: 16): USA Today Writers' Poll

Ricky Rubio has improved his shooting percentage in every month except December.

No. 19 (Last Week: 20): Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated

Get ready for a summer of Kevin Love rumors. Minnesota is set to miss the playoffs for the sixth time in six years with the All-Star power forward, who can opt out of his contract after next season.

No. 18 (Last Week: 18): John Schuhmann,

Kevin Love displayed a little East-West bitterness in Brooklyn on Sunday and yes, the Wolves would be in the playoffs if they were in the Eastern Conference. But they're also just 8-10 against the 10 teams that do have a shot at the East playoffs. It's been another miserable season in Minnesota, but rookie Gorgui Dieng (averaging a double-double over the last eight games) has provided some promise.