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Grizzlies at Thunder and Warriors at Clippers Game Twos Tonight

The playoffs continue with two Western Conference matchups. Talk about them here.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies at Thunder
7:00 pm Central 

The Thunder took game one and will look to win both games in Oklahoma City tonight.  They did a fantastic job of clogging the paint against the Grizzlies size and forced them into shots they didn't want. The Grizzlies will have to shoot better then they did in game one to have a chance.  It's pretty clear Kevin Durant is going to get his; the Grizzlies need to force everyone else into inefficient shots.

Warriors at Clippers
9:30 pm Central

The Warriors took game one on the road in a game that featured various odd goings on late in the game. The NBA had to apologize for a missed call, among other things. Still, Golden State showed their playoff moxie, and made the plays they needed to.  Hopefully there won't be as many whistles in this one. Foul trouble played a big part in the first game, something we generally prefer not to see.

Talk about the game twos here.