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NBA Playoffs: Pacers-Hawks, Thunder-Grizzlies, Clippers-Warriors

Game Threes get going tonight in three series, all of which are tied 1-1. Should make for an exciting night of basketball.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Game Threes get started tonight:

Pacers at Hawks
6:00 pm Central

The series is tied at one after the Pacers rebounded in game two. I expect them to take control of the series at some point, but it would help if Roy Hibbert could show up. Rumors abound that Frank Vogel is coaching for his job. Not clear what that means, but if the organization is really thinking that way, even beating Atlanta might not be enough.

Thunder at Grizzlies
7:00 pm Central

Another series that is tied at one, the scene shifts to Memphis, site of many an exciting playoff game over the past few years. The Grizzlies found their mojo in game two, stifling the Thunder and finding their paint game. They will look to grind out another win tonight in front of fans who appreciate their tenacity. Ultimately the Thunder are probably too good for the Grizz, but I wrote prior to the series that this was not the match up they wanted, and it's still true. They likely get through this, but there will be bruises.

Clippers at Warriors
9:30 pm Central

Also even at one, the series shifts north for the next two games in front of one of the loudest, most passionate fan bases in the league. We saw in the first two games that Blake Griffin is a huge difference maker in this series. When he can stay on the court, he just overwhelms David Lee, who simply cannot stay with him physically. When he can't, due to foul trouble, things get much tougher for the Clippers. The Warriors always have a shooters chance, and games in Oakland are always fun.