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NBA Playoffs: Raptors-Nets, Bulls-Wizards, Rockets-Blazers

And the playoffs go marching on. Is it just me, or has this been an awesome, and awesomely surprising, first round?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Three more game threes tonight:

Raptors at Nets
6:00 pm Central

The series is tied at one as things move to Brooklyn for games three and four. In truth, the Nets have looked like the better team, I think ,and have the chance to take control of the series at home, with their depth and experience. I liked Toronto coming into the series, and it wouldn't shock me to see them win it still, but I wouldn't bet on them at this point.

Bulls at Wizards
7:00 pm Central

The Wizards took both games in Chicago and can put a hammerlock on things tonight. They have to be wary about easing up at home after winning two road games. The Bulls are tough and have been through a lot of this; I don't think they will make it easy no matter how bad they looked for stretches in Chicago. Still, Wizards have looked like the younger, quicker team that they are, and the Bulls have had trouble finding much in the way of consistent offense.

Rockets at Blazers
9:30 Central

Can LaMarcus Aldridge put 40+ on the Rockets dubious defense for a third game in a row? Can James Harden have a break out game in this series? Can the Rockets get back into this series at the Rose Garden after failing miserably at home? These questions will be answered tonight from Portland. Really, as much as Aldridge, what's killing Houston is Harden shooting under 30% for the first two games, and their overall three point shooting sitting at 21%. Three pointers are central to Houston's attack, as they led the league in attempts this year. They have to make more of them to have a chance to get back into this series.

I love the playoffs. I hope you are enjoying them too. Chat about the games here.