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NBA Playoffs: Wizards-Bulls, Grizzlies-Thunder, Warriors Clippers

On a historic day for the NBA there is no break in the playoff schedule, as three more games are on the slate. Enjoy them, and chat about them here.

Thearon W. Henderson

I'll have more on the Donald Sterling story tomorrow; I'm giving it some time to digest everything.

Elsewhere, Glen Taylor reiterated today on the radio that he does not want Flip Saunders to be the coach of the Wolves. Hopefully that message has gotten through.

Meanwhile, the playoff beat continues.

Tonight brings us three more games in this relentless playoffs:

Wizards at Bulls
7:00 pm Central

The Wizards will try to close this one out on the road after their stellar performance in game four.  They won both games in Chicago to start the series, and now the Bulls are on the precipice. Nene will be available for the Wizards after his one game suspension.

Grizzlies at Thunder
8:00 pm Central

This finely balanced series returns to Oklahoma City for a crucial game five. The last three games in this series have all gone to overtime, with the Thunder escaping game four after trailing by five late in regulation. Tony Allen has been the star of this series, aggressively effecting the game at both ends and making Kevin Durant work for everything. A playoff tradition at this point, Scott Brooks is getting criticized for his lack of creativity on offense. This should be a great one.

Warriors at Clippers
9:30 pm Central

Another series that is tied 2-2 headed into game five, even more hangs over tonight's tilt at Staples Center. It appeared that Donald Sterling's racist comments not only upset the Clippers (and everyone else) but also might have distracted them during game four, when they came out flat and Golden State raced out to a big lead that they never relinquished.  What will happen tonight, back in L.A.? Now that the NBA has come out harshly against Donald Sterling, and effectively removed him from the team, will the Clippers come out ready to play?  You have to imagine that it will be a cathartic night at Staples for players and fans alike.

Enjoy the games.