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NBA Playoffs: Mavericks-Spurs, Nets-Raptors, Blazers-Rockets

Another night, another three big playoff games in the Association. Enjoy the tilts, and talk about them here.

Ronald Martinez

Three more games tonight.

Mavericks at Spurs
6:00 pm Central 

Series tied 2-2, pivotal game five. The Spurs hung on in game four to get the series even, when at times it looked like they would cruise to a win. But the Mavs aren't giving in, and almost stole it late. The Spurs, who dominated the regular season, have had stretches in this series where they look like their uber-efficient selves, but there have also been stretches where they look old and slow.

Nets at Raptors
6:30 pm Central

Another 2-2 series after the Raps managed to win game four in Brooklyn. Similar to the Spurs, there are times when Brooklyn looks calm, experienced, and efficient, and times when they just look old.  The Raps need to push the pace and force the Nets to look old. The Heat await the winner of this series.

Blazers at Rockets
8:30 pm Central

The Blazers are up 3-1 and look to close this one out on the road, where they won the first two games of the series behind LaMarcus Aldridge.  This has been a nightmare for the Rockets, as their defense has crumbled and their shooting, headlined by James Harden's 35%/27% (from 3), has been a disaster. It might be too late, but things have to turn around for them tonight. Props also to Damian Lillard, who has looked fantastic in his first exposure to playoff basketball. 14-29 from three and only 8 turnovers in 4 games.

Enjoy the games. Chat about them here.